Travel Tips

Pack smart.  Choose fast-drying wrinkle resistant fabrics.  Prevent wrinkles by placing tissue paper or the light plastic film that dry cleaners use between clothing items and between folds of a garment.  Where possible, roll rather than fold clothes.

Don’t pack too many clothes.  Coordinate colors.  Take clothing that is comfortable and can be layered.  Choose garments that can do double duty-dress-up or dress down.

Call ahead to see what amenities the hotel provides (hair dryer, bathrobe, toiletries) and leave them out of your bag.

Pack bottles or aerosols containing liquids in watertight resealable bags.  Fill shoes with rolled socks or ties.

Always carry several plastic clothespins and a night light.  The clothespins are handy for many things, from clipping the motel-room window drapes together, to rinsing out some things and being able to hang them over the clothes bar or towel rack.   As for the night light, motel rooms are usually very dark, so this light eliminates having to turn on a bright light when you have to get up during the night.

Fold a damp washcloth over a few ice cubes and wrap in foil.  If heat and grime make you uncomfortable while traveling during the day, use to freshen your face and hands.

Pack a family first-aid/medical kit.  Checklist: alcohol wipes or antiseptic towelettes, adhesive bandages of different sizes, sterile pads, ointment or lotion for relief of insect stings and bites, anti-itch medication, tweezers, thermometer, gauze or cotton balls, small scissors, personal/prescription medicines, and carrying case.

At your hotel/motel, keep your door locked and safety chain on.  Place your valuables in the hotel/motel safe.   While traveling, stay on well traveled roads, keep your gas tank filled, and seat belts on.

Carry travelers checks and only a small amount of money.