SUP Paddling on Lake George

Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you’re looking for unique adventure on the water, paddleboarding may be just the thing! At first glance, stand up paddle boarding looks like a cross between surfing and kayaking. It’s a simple concept: you stand, kneel, or lie down on a board and paddle through the water.  SUP paddling on Lake George is super fun, and, but don’t be fooled by this popular water sport – there are a ton of benefits associated with paddleboarding:

  • SUP Paddling on Lake GeorgeFamily Fun: Paddleboarding is a watersport the entire family can enjoy – together. Basically anyone can paddleboard after just a lesson or two!
  • Fitness: Paddleboarding a offers a rigorous recreational cardio workout, and is a great cross-training workout. Paddleboard Yoga is also a growing activity, with classes/sessions being offered nearly anywhere you buy or rent a board. When you paddleboard, you burn a “boatload” of calories, build your balance and reduce stress.
  • Nature’s Vistas: Being on a paddleboard on any Adirondack lake or pond is an amazing experience. Paddling through calm water, you can see what’s underneath you…look up, and you can experience the spectacular natural beauty that surrounds you in a serene and peaceful setting.
  • Affordable: You can rent a paddleboard while you’re on vacation to try it out, along with a lesson. Once you’ve tried it, and decide you love it, you can purchase one. After making the initial investment to buy a paddleboard, it’s basically cost free from that point forward.
  • Accessible: One of the best things about paddle boarding is that you can go anywhere there is water!

Before you go:

Take a lesson! SUP Paddling on Lake George is easy to learn, but there are some basic elements you want to learn from an instructor.  When you take a lesson from an experienced sup paddler, you will learn the right form, all about safety, and quickly gain confidence. here are a few sup paddling

  • Patty’s Water Sports:  Find everything you need to get your first Lake George SUP paddling experience under your belt! They offer paddleboard lessons, sales, gear and more. Located on Sandy Bay in Cleverdale.
  • Kayak Lake George:  SUP rentals, located on Lake Road right in Lake George Village.

The Lake George region is one of the best locations in the country for enjoying all types of watersports! You can go lazy river tubing on the Hudson River, go waterskiing, wakeboarding or parasailing! Browse our Lake George Guide Flipbook for more information on all types of local adventure companies!