Saratoga Mineral Baths

Is a long soak in a hot bubble bath high on your list of ways to unwind? Unless you are a narrow-minded “ shower person” (and therefore beyond help), you may enjoy the slow trip into reverie-land of the Saratoga spas in Upstate New York. These mineral baths offer customers a pleasant respite and an inexpensive, divine luxury. Due to their health and therapeutic benefits, mineral water baths has been popular for centuries.

The Lincoln Mineral Baths

The Lincoln Mineral Baths were built in the 1930’s to provide a number of “curative” treatments. Though no longer staffed by medical personnel, the mineral baths today still offer the treatment to help maintain health and provide sheer relaxation. Enjoy naturally warm carbonated mineral water heated to approximately 100 degrees. Located in the Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs. Call for more information and reservations:  (518) 583-2880.

The Roosevelt Mineral Baths & Spa

Recently renovated, these mineral baths have a combination of mineral water and hot fresh water to make it a perfect 97 degree Fahrenheit carbonated relaxing and stress reducing experience. Located within the Saratoga Spa State Park at the Gideon Putnam Resort. Call for more information and reservations. 1-800-452-7275, ext 4.

Crystal Spa Mineral Baths & Spa

Filled from the natural Rosemary Spring, this mineral water bath has therapeutic and health benefits including increasing circulation, stimulating metabolism, skin softening and muscle relaxation. Located at the Grand Union Motel in Saratoga Springs.

Several Saratoga Mineral Water Springs, dispersed throughout the city of Saratoga Springs, are also available to everyone who is interested in drinking this natural mineral water.