Need a Change?

by Kyle Collins
Flex Appeal Fitness Center

If you are at a point in your exercise regimen where you think you need to step it up a level, just remember one thing; you can increase your volume or increase your intensity. You cannot do both. Doing so will cause overtraining very shortly. You won’t heal as fast and you will become burned out. Increasing your volume load means adding more weight. Increasing your intensity means putting forth more effort. I believe in putting forth high intensity training at all times for best results; therefore, all I ever need to do is add more weight to the bar. I do, however, see that not all people put forth this effort because their goals may be different than mine. Of course, there are other methods of upping yourself to the next level as simply as changing your routine around a bit so your body does not get bored with the same routine week in and week out. If your body gets bored, results will cease. You are putting the same workload on it time and again. It adapts to this and, hence, the sticking point. So if you fall into any of the above mentioned categories, try my advice. It may be what you need to kick your results back into gear!