Living Here

In the Lake George Region, there are so many things to do… and information to know about.  To fully enjoy and understand this magnificent place, navigate this section to find outdoor activities and various destinations that you can venture off to and explore on your own.  Find information on beaches, picnic areas, hiking and nature trails, scenic rides, scenic spots, boat launching sites, fishing licenses, island camping, tennis courts, Warren County Bikeway, as well as rainy-day activities and kids activities.  If you are interested in some fun facts, important area destinations, in-depth information, interesting stories, practical tips, or just in the mood for a little light reading, then check the Did You Know?, Have You Seen? and Article sections.  However, if you are more interested in playing bingo, visiting the local farmers’ markets, going to a place of worship/church, checking out phone numbers (including emergency and health center numbers), or locating the local chambers of commerce, then look no further… you’ll find it all here!