Lake George Village

By Mayor Robert Blais and
Peg Edwards, Village Historian

In the early 1900’s, residents in the Village, that was the part of the Town of Caldwell, decided that they should become a separate entity. On March 11, 1903 there was a special election to vote on a proposition to incorporate as the Village of Lake George. The measure passed unanimously by all the 55 people who voted. The population of the Village at that time was 532 people. Today the number is 985.

Many of the streets in the village are named for famous people or places with a connection to Lake George. Some of these streets are Canada, Montcalm, Cooper, and Caldwell.

From its very beginning, because of its location on beautiful Lake George, the village has attracted tourists. These visitors were able to stay in large elegant hotels such as the Fort William Henry and travel to and from this area by stagecoach, steamboats, and trains. Today, the Northway provides a scenic ride for cars and tour busses.

In 2003, the village celebrated its Centennial Anniversary. In celebration, an Adirondack style fountain was built and dedicated in Shepard Park, and a Veteran’s Honor Roll was dedicated the following May.

The citizens of the village purchased Shepard Park in 1917, and it remains a focal point for all that wish to view the beauty of the lake and enjoy the newly created Lakefront Walkway.

The people of the Village are very conscious of the beauty of this area and work continuously to keep it lovely and inviting.