Lake George Region Geology

The glacial geology of the Lake George region has been influenced by millions of years of sculpturing and carving by ice and water. With extremely powerful forces of nature at work, great sheets of ice moved across the area acting as giant sheets of sandpaper. The rocks and boulders frozen in the base of the ice ground down mountains, gouged out valleys, and rounded both as the ice moved forward from north to south.

As the glaciers retreated, they melted more rapidly than when advancing, thereby, depositing enormous amounts of water along with ground up rock and debris stored in the ice over its million year journey. Lakes such as Glen, Paradise, and Sunnyside were formed from broken-off chunks of a glacier deposited in low areas and melted. Other lakes, ponds, and swamps were formed from the ice disrupting the drainage of existing streams.

Many glaciologists feel that we are presently in a warmer period of temperatures between glaciers, and that ice sheets will again cover the Lake George region and surrounding areas.