Lake George Village Beautification

The Village of Lake George has just completed a major portion of the total replacement of walkway within a four-block area on the west side of Canada Street (Route 9), the main north/south thoroughfare through the village. New cement sidewalks, curbing, and handicap ramps (transitions to the roadway) replaced the old. Brick paver blocks and new curbside trees nicely complement and enhance the project. Several tree selections suitable for planting in restricted spaces and curbside environments include Winter King Hawthorn, Adirondack Crabapple, Canada Red Chokeberry, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, and Amur Maackia. Storm water improvements were also concurrently made to capture water runoff and treating it prior to entering the lake. This project mimics the kind of walkway work done on the opposite (east) side of the street completed years ago.

These 2011 improvements were made possible through grant money from the New York State Department of State under their Waterfront Revitalization Plan.