Parks & Recreation

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park

The massive stone bridge arch - the largest marble cave entrance in the east - dominates this spectacular display of Adirondack geology. Originally named Ponte de Dios (Bridge of God) by early explorers and later described in Morse’s Geography of 1790, the stone bridge has captivated visitors for over 200… Read More

The Adirondack Park: Progress and Preservation

As controversy between progress and protection persist in the Adirondack Park, the unmistakable beauty and majesty of the region endures. Comprised of over six million acres of public and private lands, it is the largest park in the United States mainland. Created and defined in an effort to protect the… Read More

Lake George REC Center

Families will enjoy the 350 acre Recreation Area all year long. Public ice skating, tubing, cross-country skiing, hiking trails and baseball/softball fields. No Charge. Hours: Monday and Tuesdays (9AM-3PM) and Wednesdays thru Sundays (9AM-5PM). Transfer Road Lake George, NY  12845 (Map E4) (518) 668-5771 (call the Lake George Village office… Read More

Saratoga National Historical Park

The “Turning Point of the American Revolution” took place in Saratoga National Historical Park in what is considered one of the most decisive battles in world history. Stop at the Visitor Center where exhibits and dioramas depict British General Burgoyne’s Northern Campaign and the American Northern Army’s defensive actions. A… Read More

New York State Forest Preserve

The New York State Forest Preserve was created on May 15, 1885 and then consisted of 681,000 acres of state-owned land in the Adirondack Mountains. The predominate reasons for this enactment was to preserve the remaining forests and watersheds of the Adirondacks. These lands shall be kept “forever wild”- meaning… Read More

The Adirondack Park

“Just Thought You’d Like to Know” The Adirondack Park is nature’s perfect host for natural wonders accented by scenic beauty, wilderness values, historic sites, recreational facilities, tourist attractions, and fine accommodations. It’s Vacation Heaven! It is the largest park preserve in the U.S. comprising 6 million acres or 9,375 square… Read More

Picnic Areas

Picnics are wonderful fun because people can share time together in our great outdoors. So put at least one picnic on your agenda; its a natural for everyone. The following are a compiled list of some great Lake George & Adirondack Region Picnic Areas for you and your family to… Read More

The Adirondack Park

The Adirondack Park is the largest park preserve in the U. S. comprising 6 million acres or 9,375 square miles. It’s as large as Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Everglades, Great Smoky National Park and the Grand Canyon, all wrapped into one. It’s larger than the state of New Hampshire. On May… Read More

Shepard Park

A landmark destination in the heart of Lake George Village, Shepard Park on Canada Street is where families enjoy free swimming on a 350-foot sunny beach, as well as the shaded park area with amphitheater. Magnificent views, a new pier, a lakefront walkway, children's play area, changing facilities, and public… Read More

Lake Avenue Park

A small hidden beach located on the northern end of Lake George, in Lake George Village. Children's wading area, benches, interpretive plantings, and boat launch area for non-motorized crafts only. On-site parking available. Lake Avenue, Lake George Village, NY 12845 (Map E-4) Read More

Blais Park

This small park, named after Mayor Robert Blais, sits along the southern end of Lake George in the heart of the Village. Families can enjoy wonderful lake views, the Mystery Echo Spot, model of the entire lake, and various entertainment acts during July and August. The lakefront walkway, public docks,… Read More