Markers and Monuments

From Colonial Wars of the 1600’s and the French and Indian War of the 1700’s, encompassing the Adirondacks, Champlain, and Hudson River Valleys, are signposts, markers, and monuments depicting extraordinary historical engagements and settlements. To further appreciate the dramatic episodes that shaped the course of history and to help familiarize yourself with the Lake George area, have some fun seeking and finding the following markers and monuments. Self-guiding tour pamphlets and brochures are also available from the Chambers of Commerce.

Exit 22 (I-87 Southbound)

1. Exit 22 Rest Area (Marker)

Route 9/ Canada Street (south from Exit 22)

2. Lake George Jr./Sr. High School (Marker)

Lower Amherst Street

3. Old Warren County Courthouse (Marker)
4. Sunken Fleet (Marker)

Lower Montcalm Street

5. Montcalm’s Entrenchment (Marker)

Beach Road

6. Warship Row and Mayor Robert M. Blaise Walkway Park
7. Lake George

Steamboat Co. and Steel Pier

8. D&H Railroad Station (Funk & Collins Steamboat Market Place)
9. Military Dock (Marker)
10. Radeau Warship (Marker)

Fort George Road/ Battlefield Park (east side of road)

11. Battle of Lake George (Monument)
12. The Hospital (Marker)
13. Unknown Soldier (Monument)
14. Bronze Indian Statue
15. Old Fort George Ruins

Fort George Road/ Battlefield Park (west side of road)

16. Knox Cannon (Monument)
17. Sir Isaac Jogues (Monument)

Route 9/ Canada Street

18. Fort William Henry/ Grounds (Marker)
19. 35th Regiment of Foot (Monument)
20. A Common Stone (Monument)
21. Fort William Henry Cemetery

Route 9 (South)

22. Bloody Pond (2 mi. so. of Lake George Village) (Marker)
23. Colonel Ephraim William (Monument & Marker)
24. Old Military Road/Next to Doll Shop (Marker)
25. Five Mile Run across from Great Escape (Marker)