Golfing Tips

adapted from “Swing Your Own Swing”
by Bill Potter, Golf Professional

TECHNIQUE – While the keys to skillfulness in any sport are balance and moderation, simplicity is one of the greatest attributes of the golf swing. It should be so easy that it will take care of the mental as well as the physical side of the game, and you’ll not have to worry about getting the desired results.

STANCE – The balance, posture, and movements of your whole body are affected by the manner in which you place your feet. No matter what style you’re using, once you have taken the grip, you should place the head of your club on the ground in line with your target, just behind the ball; then place your feet, left first, then the right, not too far apart. At all time be sure you have perfect balance. This can best be accomplished by taking the position that is natural for you, and BE COMFORTABLE.

BACKSWING – The weight of a body when swinging a golf club is kept in perfect balance by a slight shifting of the weight from the left to the right foot during the backswing. The action should be easy and natural, flowing in one continuous motion.

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL – When addressing the ball, your concentration should not hinder your sense of balance or your natural swing. Rather, your eyes should rest easily on the ball, your head motionless.

ATTITUDE AND STYLE – One of the best thoughts that should be kept in mind is that golf is, or should be, a sport of relaxation. Much more enjoyment will be derived by playing naturally rather than mechanically.