Fall’s Magnificent Handiwork

Fall is the season for many chemical changes taking place in trees. It is believed that their chlorophyll content, which supplies the green color, masks the various hues of red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, brown/bronze which are always present in the leaf anyway. It is theorized that a pigment in the leaf measures in time the length of nights. Sugar production during the summer, which helps to keep the leaf green, is affected by the nights growing shorter, this pigment timer signals the chemical process to produce less sugar, which in turn reduces that amount of chlorophyll, resulting in a display of magnificent colors. Another thought is that the movement of sap into the tree trunk and roots is affected by the shorter Fall days which in turn deprives circulation to the leaves and eventually affects the chlorophyll production and green color, thereby allowing the other hues to dominate. Take time to enjoy the glorious and vibrant explosion of brilliance which only Mother Nature can provide – free of charge!