Don’t Let Those Memories Fade!

Let your photographs tell the story by following some simple steps:

• Check your camera equipment, including batteries, to make sure everything is in working order before you leave on your trip.

• Include family members in your shots. This makes for more interesting pictures and provides perspective.

• Take shots of signposts, trailmarkers and natural landmarks to help identify where you’ve been.

• When taking photographs of people, move in close. This makes for a far more interesting and crisp picture.

• Compose your pictures through the camera lens. Don’t just snap away. Take the time to line up your shot and move around until you have the effect you want.

• Actually look at what you see through the viewfinder. Is there too much or too little in the shot? How much of the background do you really want?

• Don’t avoid shooting on overcast days or in inclement weather. Colors are actually more vivid when it’s overcast, and rainy day photos can be striking.