Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country ski trails in the Lake George Region

Cross-county skiing. Nordic skiing. Ski touring.

Whatever you many want to call it, it is a wonderful way to discover the spectacular rolling meadows, forest preserves, and the great wilderness areas when they are blanketed with snow.

Cross-country skiing is one of the oldest activities in the world. Archeological evidence reveals that this sport is more than 5,000 years old. In the Scandinavian countries, it was the only way of traveling, which may explain why Scandinavian athletes excel in Nordic skiing competitions. Emigrants from Norway brought skis to America as far back as 1841. With a minimal amount of preliminary instruction and a little practice, the beginner may already enjoy the challenge of the sport. Spending time out there when you can is certainly the key toward greater enjoyment of the sport.

In Nordic skiing, picture yourself doing an exaggerated walking motion, like dragging your feet. The basic stride is nothing more than walking correctly with the opposite arm and leg swinging back and forth in unison. The difference on skis is that you glide. The forward momentum is increased by taking a backwards thrust with the ski poles at every step. Following some initial practice, consider a full facility ski-touring center where the trails are marked for the novice, intermediate, expert, and where you cannot get lost. With a measure of proficiency and confidence, you may then want to ski unfamiliar and remote areas where the terrain is even more demanding.

Cross Country Skiing Trails in the Lake George Region:

You will find many Cross Country skiing trails in the region. Here are some highlighted trails & resources to check out.