Corinth Gateway Murals Project

The mural’s history and details are found at the artist’s website,, under “About Us.” The murals speak for themselves. Sher is working on her third and largest project now, a 103’x11′ wall located on Route 9N and Heath Road, called the Corinth Depot Mural.  The first two are located at 8 Mallery St. and Oak & Main St. in the village.  What are people saying?

• Melanie Denno, Village of Corinth Trustee, “Sher is going to paint this town beautiful, one building at a time!”

• “Fantastic! I am referencing Corinth’s murals when speaking with other communities about ways to garner support and excitement for revitalizing communities and urban areas with blighted buildings and stark walls. Great work.”  Matthew G. Rogers, AICP, Saratoga Associates.

• “I think the community murals also “root” a community, often reminding residents and visitors of the area’s history and its role in their future.”  Author Persis Granger, “Adirondack Gold,” Thurman.

• Claudia Wheeler, owner of Wolf Pond Stables, Stony Creek, “I am not good with words, but these murals are inspiring?”

• “Sher’s vision to make a mural city is becoming a reality. It started in the village, spreading to the Town, drawing the Community together as one Corinth. You go Girl!” Richard Lucia, Town Supervisor.

When driving north from Saratoga on 9N to Lake George, other artists have been busy making their towns beautiful too – Hadley, Warrensburg, and North Creek!  Check them all out in your travels throughout the Adirondacks this summer!