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How to Size a Mountain Bicycle

By Gary Filippelli (1996) Flip Flop Cycle Shop The most important thing about sizing a mountain bicycle is that one decides on the kind of use intended, either road or off road or any combination of these. There are decisions on what percentages of time you will be using the bike for: commuting- pleasure road … Read More

Travel Tips

Pack smart.  Choose fast-drying wrinkle resistant fabrics.  Prevent wrinkles by placing tissue paper or the light plastic film that dry cleaners use between clothing items and between folds of a garment.  Where possible, roll rather than fold clothes. Don’t pack too many clothes.  Coordinate colors.  Take clothing that is comfortable and can be layered.  Choose … Read More

Don’t Let Those Memories Fade!

Let your photographs tell the story by following some simple steps: • Check your camera equipment, including batteries, to make sure everything is in working order before you leave on your trip. • Include family members in your shots. This makes for more interesting pictures and provides perspective. • Take shots of signposts, trailmarkers and … Read More