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SUP Paddling on Lake George

Stand Up Paddleboarding If you’re looking for unique adventure on the water, paddleboarding may be just the thing! At first glance, stand up paddle boarding looks like a cross between surfing and kayaking. It’s a simple concept: you stand, kneel, or lie down on a board and paddle through the water.  SUP paddling on Lake … Read More

Mountain Biking – Outdoor Sport, Fun and Fitness

By Dick Carlson Garnet Hill Mt. Bike Center Mountain biking is really the sport for everyone. Some riders enjoy- well, riding up and down mountains. Others are content with a casual ride on a forest trail or on an old road. And, of course, they work fine on paved roads also. After a little introduction … Read More

Golfing Tips

adapted from “Swing Your Own Swing” by Bill Potter, Golf Professional TECHNIQUE – While the keys to skillfulness in any sport are balance and moderation, simplicity is one of the greatest attributes of the golf swing. It should be so easy that it will take care of the mental as well as the physical side of … Read More

Hot Air Ballooning by Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson – Owner & Balloon Ride Pilot: Adirondack Balloon Flights Visitors to the Lake George Region have the opportunity to experience the first form of flight through the magic of a hot air balloon ride. The story of ballooning began in Paris, France in 1783. The brothers Joseph and Etienne de Montgolfier designed and … Read More

The Adirondacks on Two Wheels

Marc Connelly Adirondacks And Beyond Motorcyle Rider Training Combine 6,000,000 acres of mountains and lakes with thousands of miles of uncrowded, windy twisty roads.  Add in numerous quaint towns and an endless supply of friendly people, and you have a motorcyclists playground called the Adirondack State Park. It can be quite a task for riders … Read More

Hot Air Ballooning by Rob Swinton

Majestic Balloon Flights Many visitors to the Lake George-Adirondack Region explore the area through various hiking trails and through beautiful scenic drives.  There are some that have chosen to view the area in a different way.  They’ve enjoyed a hot air balloon flight.  A hot air balloon flight is one of the most amazing experiences … Read More