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The Perfect Adirondack Collectible – Vintage Sport Fishing Gear

By Pat Martin, Home Farm Antiques at the Antiques Market Place Of the first six customers to walk through the doors of the Antiques Market Place yesterday, five of them asked for vintage fishing tackle. Just as snow spurs the quest for old snowshoes, warm weather brings out the fisherman in us all. And no … Read More

Glenwood Manor Antiques & More

By Paul McMore Glenwood Manor Antiques & More Glenwood Manor Antiques & More has evolved from an Antique Shop to a destination shopping complex. The antique shop was established in 1983. We are located at 60 Quaker Road in Queensbury, NY. The business is in a beautiful Georgian Manor which is part of the total … Read More

Antique Lighting

By Patricia Martin Home Farm Antiques at the Antiques Market Place Some prefer new lighting in their homes, but many prefer the warm glow offered by antique lighting. Antique lighting is defined as lighting made prior to the 1950s. Why go with antique? If you are decorating in a certain period style, why use a … Read More

Kid Collectors

Or… What To Do With The Kids When You Want To Go Antique-ing! By Pat Martin, Home Farm Antiques at the Antiques Market Place There’s nothing like bored children to cut short your visit to the antiques shop. A solution to this might be to make collectors of your kids. What a brilliant way to … Read More

American Wildfowl Decoys

by Patricia Martin, Home Farm Antiques at the Antiques Market Place America is fortunate to have a rich heritage of collectible wildfowl decoys. About halfway through the 1800s, a great surge in wildfowl hunting began and lasted for over ¾ of a century. Improvements in guns, expansion of the population which needed feeding, and what … Read More

Antiquarian Prints & Collecting

by Ronald Lauzon Glenwood Manor Antiques Center For all practical purposes, print means a copy. There are innumerable interpretations of this, and probably the best definition can be found in Wikipedia. In this article, “print” means an engraving, etching, lithograph, photo/heliogravure, wood engraving and wood block and exercised on paper. While my writing is as … Read More

Collecting Vintage Travel Souvenirs

by Lynne Constantine Antiques Market Place sou·ve·nir  – (noun)  a token of remembrance; a memento. For decades Americans have been collecting souvenirs of their summer vacations. Some are so tacky they end up in the trash; while others are saved and loved for happy memories that they bring back. Here is a list of some of … Read More

Building Your Vintage Clothing Collection

by Laura Traudt of Laura’s Vintage The stylish young woman uses imagination to mix new and vintage pieces to achieve unique and glamorous looks. Vintage clothing, accessories and vintage inspired pieces grace the pages of every fashion magazine, every month. You can use the images and advice to inspire you, but when building your own … Read More

Antiques & Antiquing

Antiques: Antiques (from the Latin antiquus, meaning old) are defined as objects that have reached an age which makes them a witness of a previous era (usually about 75 years old) for their beauty, utility, condition, and rarity.  They usually reveal a high degree of craftsmanship, attention to design, and construction that add to its … Read More

Vintage Halloween Collecting

by Lynne Constantine Glenwood Manor Antiques Center & Antiques Market Place It started 25 years ago while rummaging through boxes at a local antique shop. I spotted an orange cardboard box covered with black silhouettes of scary looking bats and witches. The box alone was exciting enough but when I opened it, it contained an … Read More