Catch Me if You Can!

By Captain Jeff Russell (2003)
Highliner Charter Fishing

Catch me if you can! Lake Trout, Atlantic Landlock Salmon, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Crappies, Perch, and Sunfish are all found in beautiful Lake George. All the action is in Lake George! With its scenic mountains and crystal clear blue waters, Lake George is rivaled by few. A perfect setting for all ages, Lake George offers sailing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, motor boating, lake cruises, diving, swimming and of course my favorite, fishing.

With so many different species of fish it is hard to decide where to begin. So, let’s start with ice out. Mid-April brings the cold water fishing enthusiasts out for trout and salmon. During this time of year surface temperatures are cold enough to allow these fish to be taken at a variety of depths and locations. Trolling with spoons, stick baits, streamer flies, and live bait are all proven methods for catching these fish. This time of year can be particularly good in front of streams and brooks, due to large concentrations of spawning smelt. As the season moves on, downrigger fishing becomes more and more popular. By mid-June, lake trout begin to descend deeper into the depths of Lake George. Their bottom-feeding habits make their location no secret during the summer months. At this depth (70-180 feet) they enjoy feeding on sculipin, smelt and ciscos. These bait fish allow for the survival of Lake Trout in Lake George. You must keep in mid that Lake Trout need to be at least 23” in length to keep. That would make this fish five to seven years old and with a life expectancy of over 20 years, it is not unheard of to catch one in excess of 25 lbs.

Atlantic Landlock Salmon are not commonly found on the bottom during the summer months. They are typically found suspended and feeding on smelt between the temperatures of 52 and 60 degrees. With the right equipment, this temperature can be easily found between the depths of 40 and 80 feet. With trolling lures or live bait using downriggers or lead core line, you can target these silver bullets that often leave short of breath with their acrobatic jumping ability.

By the third Saturday in June, the most popular game fish season opens in Lake George. Large and Small Mouth Bass are found near shallow water structures in the early part of the season. By mid-July, these fish begin to descend to depths of 20 to 30 feet. Fish the rock ledges, at this depth, with live bait or jigs for Small Mouth Bass and the weedy bays at 10-25 feet for Large Mouth Bass.

For the best fishing experience, a reputable and licensed guide is a strong recommendation. A full time guide will provide you with the best knowledge to learn the art of fishing the waters of Lake George. For the beginner or the advanced fisherman, Lake George can provide endless memories to be treasured for a lifetime.