Penfield Homestead Museum

Address: 703 Creek Road, Crown Point, NY
Phone: (518) 597-3804

The Penfield Homestead Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the 19th century Ironworking Industry in the North County. The use of the electromagnet at the Penfield Iron Works was the first known use of electricity for industrial purposes and led to the invention of the electric motor. On the property of the museum, site of the Penfield Family’s iron business in the 1800’s, includes the Penfield Homestead (built in 1828 and filled with original items from the Penfield family, along with artifacts donated by local Crown Point families, and local Civil War mementos), the carriage barn (where you can view a rubber wheeled carriage & horse drawn hearse), the smokehouse, Ironville Church, and Penfield Pond.

703 Creek Road, Crown Point NY (Map A-4)
Located in historic Ironville in the Town of Crown Point


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