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Lake George Forum

Dating back to ancient Rome, a forum was a market, a public place of assembly, and a gathering area for open discussions. Although seemingly simple, these ancient gatherings played an … Read More

American Wildfowl Decoys

by Patricia Martin, Home Farm Antiques at the Antiques Market Place America is fortunate to have a rich heritage of collectible wildfowl decoys. About halfway through the 1800s, a great … Read More


Americade is the “World’s Largest Multi Brand Motorcycle Touring Rally” that draws an estimated 50,000 – 100,000 annually to the Lake George Region. This popular week-long annual convention/festival, held during … Read More

Get Results at the Gym

By Michael Donlick and Phil Guarino Flex Appeal Fitness Center Have you ever wondered why the person walking on the treadmill for an hour a day never loses all of … Read More

Eye Care Tip For Summer

The Doctor Says Hudson Headwaters Health Network As you slather on sunscreen to defend your skin this summer, don’t forget to protect your eyes. Along with the summer sun come … Read More

Antiquarian Prints & Collecting

by Ronald Lauzon Glenwood Manor Antiques Center For all practical purposes, print means a copy. There are innumerable interpretations of this, and probably the best definition can be found in … Read More