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So Many Hats and Only One Head

by Laura Traudt Glenwood Manor Antiques Center Laura Traudt of Laura’s Vintage at the Glenwood Manor Antiques Center has loved hats for twenty-five years.  “In them, you can be practically anything your little heart desires” -1932 Vogue magazine.  In today’s culture where hats are no longer essential, a woman wearing a vintage hat is bound … Read More

Keep Fishing Great! Use Certified Bait

by Jeff Goldberg There have been many changes to the sport of fishing.  The main one has been in the use and handling of bait fish. New permanent regulations, for New York State, went into effect in June of 2008.  The reason for the new regulations is to try to protect our waters from … Read More

Collecting Prints and Photographs

Frank Lyons Glenwood Manor Antiques Center Print and photograph collecting are among the most fascinating areas of the visual arts. Those who have not started collecting are sometimes deterred from doing so by the jargon and obscure references which people in the art world seem to use. Some limited technical language is inevitably needed to … Read More

Why is Bill Grande Smiling?

by Lynne Constantine Glenwood Manor Antique Center Bill Grande loves to talk about collecting New York State Stoneware. On Sunday, August 16 at 2PM at the Glenwood Manor Antiques Center, Bill Grande will talk about collecting New York State Stoneware from 1800 to 1900. He will answer some of the questions that one might have … Read More

A Truly Special Day on Lake George

by Captain Joe Greco Justy-Joe Charters As a fishing-charter skipper on beautiful Lake George for eighteen years, I have been in the company of hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. While some trips are certainly more enjoyable and memorable than others, I had a charter a few summers ago that turned out to … Read More

Quadricentennial Celebration

New York’s 400th Anniversary is part of a quadricentennial celebration also highlighting three notables: Henry Hudson: an English captain, explorer, and navigator who was hired by a Dutch company to search for an all-water route to Asia aboard the ship, Half-Moon, becoming the first European expedition to sail up the Hudson River that now bears … Read More

North Creek and North River – Adirondack History!

by Dick Carlson The North Creek and North River area is rich in the history of the Adirondacks. And today, attractions have sprung up to enhance and enjoy this slice of time gone by.  Probably, the most famous incident in the area was when Teddy Roosevelt learned at the North Creek train station that he … Read More

Lake George Village

By Mayor Robert Blais and Peg Edwards, Village Historian In the early 1900’s, residents in the Village, that was the part of the Town of Caldwell, decided that they should become a separate entity. On March 11, 1903 there was a special election to vote on a proposition to incorporate as the Village of Lake … Read More

Crandall Public Library

The Crandall Public Library has operated continuously since 1893. The library district encompasses the towns of Queensbury, Moreau and the City of Glens Falls. In 1958, Crandall Public Library became the Central Reference Library of the Southern Adirondack Library System. New York State provides special funding for Crandall Public Library to serve the residents of … Read More

Lac du Saint Sacrement

The newest addition to the Lake George Steamboat Company’s fleet of excursion vessels is a modern dinner-dance showboat with the character and grace of 19th Century steamers. Designed as a 3/4 scale replica of the 2800 passenger steamer S.S. Peter Stuyvesant, Lake George Steamboat Company’s Lac du Saint Sacrement is 190’ in length with a … Read More