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Hot Air Ballooning by Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson – Owner & Balloon Ride Pilot: Adirondack Balloon Flights Visitors to the Lake George Region have the opportunity to experience the first form of flight through the magic of a hot air balloon ride. The story of ballooning began in Paris, France in 1783. The brothers Joseph and Etienne de Montgolfier designed and … Read More

Laughter on the Lake

by Vinnie Mark The Udder Comedy Club Everyone needs a good laugh, and that was evident in the early 1980s.   That was when comedy clubs started opening in every major city and small towns across the country. Soon after, there were television shows featuring stand-up comedy and allowing unknown comics to display their talents. … Read More

Need a Change?

by Kyle Collins Flex Appeal Fitness Center If you are at a point in your exercise regimen where you think you need to step it up a level, just remember one thing; you can increase your volume or increase your intensity. You cannot do both. Doing so will cause overtraining very shortly. You won’t heal … Read More


Jodi Weiner The Udder Comedy Club “Let Me Put You in the Moooooooood!!! I moved to the Lake George area from Long Island. To an area where the hicks would say I am a hick. So I am hickier than a hick. People say things to me like, “oh wait until the winter.” Its sort … Read More

The Funny Side of Losing Weight

by Jodi Weiner The Udder Comedy Club “Laughter on the Lake” Losing weight has constantly been an issue for all of us.  But it is never easy. The temptations are all around us… I have tried endlessly to lose weight. I tried Nutri-System; yes I lost 30 lbs… My gallbladder. Slim Fast is another alternative. … Read More

Fishing Article

by Jeff Goldberg (Fishing Tackle Superstore) Throughout the year, bountiful fishing opportunities are available to those sportsmen among us who love to experience the beautiful brooks, streams, rivers and lakes of the Adirondacks & especially the Lake George basin. With that in mind, we must understand we have something to cherish and protect.  During the … Read More

What You Want to Know About Poison Ivy

The Doctor Says Hudson Headwaters Health Network Poison Ivy and Poison Oak emit the poisonous, oily irritant urushiol (oo-ròo-she-all) on the plant’s stem, roots, branches, and leaves. The urushiols chemically “lock on” to skin proteins within 20 minutes after exposure to the plants (including dormant plants or long-dead prunings), contaminated clothes or tools, or even … Read More

Over 40 and Still Laughing

by Jodi Weiner The Udder Comedy Club When thinking back as a child and someone told me they were over 40 years old, I would think, wow, now that’s Old!!!!!!! Now I am there and still can’t believe that I have lived over 40 years!!!  I am almost a half century old…but so much comes … Read More

Antiques & Antiquing

Antiques: Antiques (from the Latin antiquus, meaning old) are defined as objects that have reached an age which makes them a witness of a previous era (usually about 75 years old) for their beauty, utility, condition, and rarity.  They usually reveal a high degree of craftsmanship, attention to design, and construction that add to its … Read More

A Poem to the Adirondacks

“The Poet of the Dusk” John Shalhoub (February 10, 1971) Adirondacks, hills and valleys, Are you listening? Your splendor awes my spirit. You grapple with the skies and the stars My love lives in the shadow of your rocks. Moving with soft winds by day Attending to the whispers of my soul. Your crown creeps … Read More