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Vintage Ads

Ready for some reminiscing? Get your nostalgic hat on and peruse through a variety of businesses that advertised in the Lake George Guide between 1967-1999! Many of these advertisers are still operating today and some are no longer in business. Each ad is labeled with its appropriate name followed by the year that ad was published … Read More

Reading the Ice

The cold weather gives rise to ice occurring naturally, with no help from us. The laws of nature precisely govern this phenomenon which causes water in its liquid state to be transformed to a frozen state. Low temperatures chill the water lying on the surface of any collection of water – whether it be a … Read More

Ice Fishing

There they are scattered across the frozen surface of a lake or pond either hunched against the chilling winds or secluded comfortably in a heated shanty. All of them are waiting to “make a strike.” These are the “icers” who have come to test their mettle at ice fishing. It is especially important to dress … Read More

Cross Country ski trails in the Lake George Region

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-county skiing. Nordic skiing. Ski touring. Whatever you many want to call it, it is a wonderful way to discover the spectacular rolling meadows, forest preserves, and the great wilderness areas when they are blanketed with snow. Cross-country skiing is one of the oldest activities in the world. Archeological evidence reveals that this sport is … Read More


Absolute silence! So pure that it pulsates within your whole body. Yet the absence of sound screams at your consciousness. Combined with the sound of crunching snow, the crackling of tree trunks, the fleeting glimpses of abundant wildlife, the wind whistling through tall pine and getting close to nature in the clean, crisp, cold winter … Read More

Snowmobile Touring

Cross-country snowmobiling in Lake George NY is an adventurous and exciting activity. For many, it has become a link with winter’s landscape, and for others, a family sport. Well thought out in advance, properly planned, and safely executed, snowmobiling especially in unfamiliar areas should be challenging and enjoyable. The following are some timely tips that … Read More

Adirondack Autumnal Awe

There is a spectacular change of Adirondack scenery as the verdant forest shrugs its summer cloak and gives way to a tapestry of russet and gold, soft yellow and flaming red. Red, woodbine wound around an old stump; lavender and white woodland asters by the roadside; cone-shaped milkweed pods opening to release a shower of … Read More

Photos by Carl Heilman

View some beautiful photographs of Lake George and the Adirondacks in Upstate New York by Carl Heilman II, an award – winning professional nature photographer who gives photography workshops/tours of the Adirondacks and other areas in North America. He has also been featured on PBS and his photos have been exhibited throughout the New York … Read More

Lake George Arts Project

The Lake George Arts Project, established in 1977, is a local organization that provides art programs and exhibits. Their Mission is to “provide exposure and income opportunities to professional and emerging artists and to provide quality arts programming for the residents and visitors of the Lake George Region.” Enjoy the many Lake George Arts Project’s … Read More

Charter Fishing on Lake George

by Jeff Goldberg (1996) Peace Pipe Fishing Outfitters The main objective of fishing is to relax and have fun. Charter fishing should enable anglers of all skills-from beginner to expert- to learn more about fishing and learn more about the particular body of water they are fishing on. Lake George, known as the Queen of … Read More