Antiques & Antiquing


Antiques (from the Latin antiquus, meaning old) are defined as objects that have reached an age which makes them a witness of a previous era (usually about 75 years old) for their beauty, utility, condition, and rarity.  They usually reveal a high degree of craftsmanship, attention to design, and construction that add to its market value compared to similar objects of recent times.  An automobile, by the way, is considered an antique when 25 years or older. Each antique carries its own intriguing story of a vanished culture, and the historical details surrounding it are as interesting as the piece itself. Dealers are very friendly and welcome answering questions and giving guidance.

Antiquing in the Lake George Region:

If you share the curiosity for old things and enjoy collecting them, the byways of the Lake George Region are bustling with antique centers that are chock full of unexpected treasures & surprises. Visit these Antique & Vintage Dealers & Shops:

Antique & Art Events:

In addition to visiting area antique dealers & shops, another great way to find the perfect antique may be at an antique & art event. The Lake George Region boasts many wonderful events year-round. Please Visit the Antiques & Art Events page for more info.

Antique Articles:

For your curiosity & pleasure, you’ll find variety of antique & vintage articles to read (listed below under “Related Pages”).