Vintage Photos

The Lake George Guide has been a print publication informing the public on what to do, what to see, what to eat, and where to be entertained since 1967. View a variety of random vintage photos that were used in past issues – including several Lake George Guide covers, events, happenings, entertainers, and places that were featured throughout the years.

The name of each photo is labeled followed by the year that picture was published in the Lake George Guide. To enlarge the photo, just click on it. Also, please note that this Vintage Photos page will continuously be updated with more photos from the past, so check back frequently for more wonderful photos!

Lake George Guide cover – 1971

Lake George Guide cover – 1972

Lake George Guide cover – 1973

Lake George Guide cover – 1975

Lake George Guide cover – 1976

Lake George Monster – 1972

Lake George Monster – 1972

Mayor Robert Blais drinking the lake water – 1972

Steamboats – 1973

Lake George Polar Bear Swim – 1974

Lake George meets Lake Champlain – 1972

The Frank Fullam Radio Telescope –  1974

Sculptor David Smith – 1974

Bicentennial Barge – 1975

Danny Lombardo Trio – 1974

Danny Lombardo Trio – 1975

The Casuals – 1969

Together – 1976

Many more Lake George Guide Vintage pictures will be uploaded shortly – please check back again soon!