Vintage Articles

For the past 43 years, many professional, experienced and talented advertisers of the Lake George Guide were kind enough to write about their craft or what they were most knowledgeable and noted for in the Lake George Region. The following include a variety of their articles that were published in past issues. Although many of these advertisers may no longer be in business, the content is still quite relevant and informative today. Enjoy reading these Lake George Guide Vintage Articles.

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The Adirondacks on Two Wheels

The Award Winning Gilded Age Tour

Bee Stings

• Catch Me if You Can

• Charter Fishing on lake George

• Fishing Lake George 2

• Fly Fishing

• How to Size a Mountain Bicycle

• Log Homes

• Mountain Biking – Outdoor Sports, Fun and Fitness

• NASCAR – What’s All the Noise?

• North Creek Summer

Stoneware Glaze

• Rafting the Sacandaga River

• Real Estate 90’s Style

Please note that many more Vintage Articles will be continuously uploaded, so check back frequently for more to read!