• Where Do You Get All This Stuff?

    by Laura Traudt
    Glenwood Manor Antique Center

    “Where do you get all this stuff?” That is my favorite question that customers ask me when they come into my vintage clothing shop at the Glenwood Manor Antique Center. The question itself tells me that they are surprised at the abundance and quality of the merchandise and know that I cannot order it from a catalog. I tell them, I am constantly searching, estate sales, auctions, tag sales and making house calls in search of treasures from the past. It’s like Christmas morning! There is nothing more thrilling to me than being invited into someone’s attic, opening trunks and finding beautiful dresses that have been packed away for decades.

    It’s not always as easy as being invited into someone’s home though, that’s part of the challenge. Estate sales can be so crowded you feel like you’re on the New York City subway at rush hour and these sales can be quite competitive. Auctions are just as competitive, the bidder with more to spend is often the winner and sometimes you win the bid and are sorely disappointed with what you bought. I suppose it would be a lot easier to sell new things-but a lot less fun. There is no thrill or challenge in picking up the phone and ordering new stock from a manufacturer that anyone else can get. There is no luck involved in obtaining stock for a store that sells new merchandise. Vintage is one of a kind and unique and you must search for it.

    More often than not the vintage dresses, hats and bags you see in my store are not in the condition I originally found them in. It is a labor of love and ingenuity to bring things back to their former grandeur. There is a lot of soaking, washing, steaming, ironing and mending involved. Although it can be hard work , there is something very satisfying about the challenge of the restoration process. I know when I find these long forgotten wardrobes that there are vintage lovers who appreciate the splendor of these treasures as much as I do. When customers visit my shop they enjoy the glamour and nostalgia of the past and the excitement of finding the perfect vintage fashions for them, knowing I have already done the work for them. I know that it is worth the effort when I see the look on a customer’s face when she’s found the perfect vintage dress and she knows no one will have the same one.

    You can visit Laura’s Vintage at the Glenwood Manor Antique Center located on the corner of Glenwood Ave. and Quaker Rd. Queensbury, open 10-5 daily 12-5 Sundays, 798-4747. For photo galleries of the shop, check out www.lauravingeny.com and Laura’s Vintage at Glenwood Manor on Facebook. Contact Laura Traudt at lctraudt@gmail.com

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