Over 40 and Still Laughing

by Jodi Weiner
The Udder Comedy Club

When thinking back as a child and someone told me they were over 40 years old, I would think, wow, now that’s Old!!!!!!! Now I am there and still can’t believe that I have lived over 40 years!!!  I am almost a half century old…but so much comes with that!!  There is good and there is-well changes-as I would like to call it.   One of the first things I noticed was when I was in my 20’s or younger, I could eat any person under the table and not gain an ounce… Oh yes, I can still eat anyone under the table but now I am becoming the table.

It’s so funny what we take for granted!! I now have these, well what I like to call moody spells.   My husband looks at me with his big blue eyes and says, “Jodi, I love you” and I look at him in disgust and reply, “Shut Up”; and then I say, “What’s that noise?”  He replies, “I’m breathing,” well I say, “Stop It,” then there comes this metamorphous of one’s body… I am getting more hair!  Not on my head but on my eyebrows, mustache and chin… I am waxing twice a month.  Hey, If I start getting hair anywhere else, I’m getting a weed wacker… and now I noticed a place on my chin where I used to have one hair that I would tweeze.  It has now turned into 6 hairs, and as I pull it out it gets longer and longer and my left leg starts to rise as I pull it out… I’m turning into a marionette.   The hair looks like spaghetti, of course al dente.

Some other things I am noticing are that I perspire quite a lot.  I have this new thing where I sweat above my lip!!!  What the heck is that?  I pulled into the gas station and the gas station attendant says to me, “wow, you’re sweating above your lip, what are you nervous?” So I say, “yeah, it’s my first fill up!”

Also, to add insult to injury… commercials have changed… when I was a kid they advertised silly putty, play dough, Mr. Potato Head.  Now you can’t watch television with your child, especially commercials, without putting a blindfold and ear plugs on them… it becomes an automatic reflex to cover my daughters eyes, and cover her ears, when they show these commercials for things you wouldn’t even discuss years ago with your girlfriends!!!  Apparently there is a Pill for everything and I mean everything!!!

So, I guess I have changed in my over 40 years.  But I can still find the humor in it all, that is the secret to keeping us young. Remember if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…and you can find it right here in Lake George at The Udder Comedy Club a Fort William Henry’s Conference Center, where you can take your kids to shows without covering their eyes and ears on Thursdays, and you can come for some fun adult comedy on Fridays and Saturdays in the summer.

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