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    Navigate around the Lake George and Adirondack Region of Upstate New York with the help from four area maps. These maps include one main area map that covers the widespread Lake George Region (Southern Adirondacks, Lake George, Glens Falls, Saratoga) of Upstate New York and three local maps that focus on specific areas so you can get a closer view (Lake George, Queensbury/Glens Falls, and Saratoga Springs). Print them out to use when traveling around or to help locate attractions, shops, restaurants, historic sites, hiking/nature trails, scenic spots, scenic rides, museums and other destinations. Throughout this website, many of these destinations’ locations will be indicated by a set of map coordinates – for example (Map E-4). These coordinates are set from the following maps.

    1. Lake George Guide Area Map

    This is the main area map that encompasses the enitre Lake George Region – including the Southern Adirondacks, Lake George, Queensbury/Glens Falls, and northern Saratoga areas. Use this map to navigate Lake George and points north, south, east and west of it, find large & small bodies of water, locate important interstates/roads/streets, and view the trolleys routes. An auto mileage table is also included indicating the approximate miles from area major cities (within 6 hours) to Lake George. Click on map to view.

    2. Lake George Village/ Town Map

    This map focuses exclusively on Lake George, NY – including the northern & southern ends of the Town of Lake George, as well as a detailed view of Lake George Village. Many historical and popular sites & landmarks are indicated within map.
    Click on map to view.

    3. Glens Falls Area Map

    This map focuses on the town of Queensbury, Glens Falls, and South Glens Falls regions. Many important and popular regional locations are also indicated. Click on map to view.

    4. City of Saratoga Springs Map

    This map focuses on the city of Saratoga Springs area, showing several widely-known landmarks. Click on map to view.

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