Laughter on the Lake

by Vinnie Mark
The Udder Comedy Club

Everyone needs a good laugh, and that was evident in the early 1980s.   That was when comedy clubs started opening in every major city and small towns across the country.

Soon after, there were television shows featuring stand-up comedy and allowing unknown comics to display their talents. Such shows were fox-tv’s comic strip live, A&E’s evening at the improv and VH-1’s stand-up spot lite with Rosie O’donnell. Oh!   Recognize that name?  Well, here are a few other then “unknown” comics that came from this comedy club boom, you’ve heard of Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres, Tim Allen, Ray Romano, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and the list goes on, wow, the magic of television.

That reminds me of a story that happened to me.  I remember my first national television appearance, I was asked by rosie O’donnell to perform on her show, vh-1, “stand-up spot lite,” which I was happy to do.   The show aired nationally on a Saturday night, prime time.  It went great and was well received by the audience.  The very next morning I was hitting some golf  balls at a local range, when I noticed a couple pointing and staring at me, well, I said to myself, “wow, these people saw me on tv last night and recognized me.”  Just then they came up to me and asked, “are you Vinnie Mark?” “Why yes, did you see me on tv last night?”  They said, “no, we were at your wedding four years ago.”  Welcome to the magic of television!

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