Lake George Fishing

by Captain Justin Mahoney
Highliner Charter Fishing

The Lake George trout and salmon season is in full swing now. The month of May will have much cooler waters than June, and that means we’ll see changes ahead on the fishing front. In May, the water temperatures are still quite cool and the trout and salmon in the lake are able to move throughout the water column to feed.

In the cool waters of May, the fish will feed on fly hatches at the surface, smelt suspended in the water column, and cisco and sculpin closer to the bottom. Spoons, stick baits, and streamer flies all work well this time of year.

As the water warms and the bass and perch take over the bays, the lake trout start their move to deeper cooler waters. Downrigger fishing becomes more important then ever this time of year. By mid June, lake trout begin to descend deeper into the depths of Lake George. Their bottom feeding habits make their location no secret during the summer months. At these depths, 70-100 feet, they enjoy feeding on sculpin, smelt, and ciscos. These bait fish provide forage that allows Lake George’s trout to thrive.

Keep in mind that Lake George lake trout need to be 23” in length to keep. That would make this fish 5 to 7 years old with a life expectancy of 20 years. It is not unheard of to catch one in excess of 20 pounds. Atlantic land lock salmon are not commonly found on the bottom during the summer month; they are typically found suspended and feeding on smelt between the temperatures of 52 and 60 degrees. You can easily locate this temperature zone with a probe. It’s usually between 40-80 feet. Trolling lures or live bait using down riggers or lead core line you can target these silver bullets that often leave you short of breath with their acrobatic ability.

Perhaps Lake George’s most popular game fish, the large and small mouth bass, are your target. Both are found near shallow water structures during the early season. Live minnows, jigs, and rubber worms all work great at this time.

For the best fishing experience, a reputable and licensed guide is a strong recommendation. A full- time guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to become a successful Lake George fisherman. For the beginner or the advanced fisherman, Lake George can provide endless memories to be treasured for a lifetime.