• A Little Bit of History

    Learn about historical people, places, events, happenings, and findings that are of significant importance to the Lake George Region of Upstate New York. Read about Father Isaac Jogues (who named Lake George  – “Lac Du Saint Sacrament”), the history of Lake George Village, Fort William Henry’s archaeological dig, Theodore Roosevelt (who learned he became president while traveling in the Adirondacks), Thomas Jefferson (who described Lake George as the most beautiful water he’d ever seen), White House Recognition (of a local diving group’s effort in preserving underwater shipwrecks in Lake George), and so many more wonderful details of this region’s history.

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    • Father Isaac Jogues

    A French Jesuit Missionary who named the lake “Lac Du Saint Sacrement.”

    • Glens Falls

    Once the largest village in New York State.

    • Historic Fort William Henry Archaeology Dig

    Uncovered artifacts & clues to our nation’s past.

    • Historic Scenic Rides

    Take your car or bike and locate markers & monuments throughout the region.

    Historic Steamboats on Lake George

    Learn about early steamboats that cruised Lake George.

    • History of the Warren County Bikeway

    Today’s popular bike path was once the Deleware & Hudson Railroad line.

    • Last of the Mohicans Outdoor Drama

    Theater adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel set in the backdrop of the Fort William Henry.

    • Lake George Village

    Learn about the history of the village, formerly named the Town of Caldwell.

    • Queensbury

    Was once was part of the great northern wilderness.

    • North Creek to North River Adirondack History

    Discover the rich history of this Adirondack Region, where Teddy Roosevelt learned he will become President.

    Quadricentennial Celebration

    Celebrating New York’s 400th Anniversary in 2009.

    • Theodore Roosevelt

    Learned he will be President while climbing Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks.

    • Thomas Jefferson Describing Lake George

    A vacationer here in the region during the late 1700’s, and loved beautiful Lake George.

    • The Burgoyne Trail

    Follow this route of great historical significance.

    • The Knox Trail 1775-1776

    Take an historical trip from Ticonderoga to Fort Edward, following Henry Knox’s trail.

    New York Independence Trail

    Take a tour of forts, battlefields, historic homes, museums & monuments, all of great significance to the French & Indian War & Revolutionary Wars.

    • Underwater Historic Shipwrecks

    Find out about one of Lake George’s historical hidden secrets!

    • White House Recognition for the Bateaux Below

    First Lady Michelle Obama & the White House presents a local preservation group with this honor.


    To learn more about historical places, sites and landmarks in the Lake George Region, check out the “Have You Seen? – History” section by clicking here. Enjoy the adventures!

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