UHRR Rail & River

Please Note: this article is about the Upper Hudson River Railroad, which is no longer in business; however, for the 2011 season, new scenic train rides from Saratoga Springs to North Creek are being offered by the “Saratoga and North Creek Railway.”

The Upper Hudson River Railroad once operated scenic train rides in the Adirondack Mountains, along the upper reaches of the Hudson River. The scenic train ride departed from North Creek, and traveled 8 miles along the upper stretches of the Hudson River to the picturesque Riverside Station in Riparius NY. There, the train dropped passengers off for about 30 minutes and moved out of the station to reverse directions.  As it did, visitors relaxed in the park, shopped at local craft and antique shops, strolled over the bridge crossing the Hudson River, and visited historic displays in the station. When the train returned to the station, passengers reboarded and rode back to North Creek.  Often, riders would be surprised by Adirondack wildlife such as deer, turkeys, fox, beaver, wood ducks, and even the occasional bear or bald eagle. This leisurely ride totaled 16 miles and 2 – 2.5 hours round trip. Each train consisted of comfortable, enclosed cars as well as open-air cars where you could enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

Located on the banks of the Hudson River in North Creek, the Upper Hudson River Railroad was part of the historic village of North Creek, NY. History buffs enjoyed the North Creek location, complete with the engine house, refurbished section shed and a 90’ operating turntable. The original ticket office had been restored as the Depot Museum, with artifacts and memorabilia from the region’s history of logging, mining, ski and railroad industries, plus an intricate working scale model train inside. The old Freight House housed the Upper Hudson River Railroad ticket office and Freight House gift shop, offering unusual items for train buffs and Adirondack enthusiasts of all ages.

And there was more… the “Rockwell Runs” traveled between S. Corinth and Thurman Station. On Wednesdays, the Rockwell departed at 10:45AM from the Caboose at S. Corinth and headed north with stops at Rockwell St. in Hadley, 1000 Acres Ranch in Stony Creek, and the “doin’s” at the Thurman Station platform. You could be creative with you plans. Get on or off at any of the places for your own special day. Ex) 1000 Acres Ranch for lunch, or ride up to Thurman for the Farmers’ Market, or ride one way and cruise back with your bike … or kayak!

On Saturdays, there was two runs. One starting at 9AM and the other at 1PM. This made it possible to add some more adventure to your plans… Golfers could board the morning train at 9AM and ride north with bag & clubs, get off at the 1000 Acres Ranch golf course, and spend nearly five hours at the course and the clubhouse, then board the afternoon train on its way home at about 3:30PM, returning to your starting point by the end of the afternoon.

The 96’ high trestle and the Bow Bridge composed some of the best scenery on any train ride. If your plans started with boarding at S. Corinth, you would cross the Trestle soon after your departure. Or you can get a double run over the Trestle by boarding at Rockwell St. in Hadley late Saturday morning, and returning on the afternoon train.

There were plans in the works with the First Wilderness Heritage Corridor group to add helicopter rides, guided wood walks, and shuttles to other local attractions.

The Rockwell train braided between the road and the Hudson River for nearly 20 miles, with campgrounds, golf, pony rides,hikes, wagon rides, historical tours, rafting & kayaking, art walk and more. Food! BBQ lunch at the 1000 Acres Ranch, fresh veggies and artisan breads at the farmers’ market, bake sales, restaurants and snack bars in the trackside villages. If you preferred, you could bring a picnic and enjoy the riverside scenery as the train moved along.