Covered Bridges of Southern Washington County

Take a fascinating and exciting tour of beautiful 19th century covered bridges in Washington County. All of these remarkable landmarks are on the National Register of historic places, and bring great pleasure to locals, tourists and historic conservationists. Three of these covered bridges are in the town of Salem and span the Battenkill River. The Washington County Department of Works and the Washington County Covered Bridge Advisory Committee finished the planning & rehabilitation of three of the Covered Bridges in 2007.  For more information, visit

Eagleville Covered Bridge (left photo) and Buskirk Covered Bridge (right photo)

Buskirk Covered Bridge c.1857

The Buskirk Bridge is a Howe truss built in 1857, located on State Route 67  in Buskirk, New York. With a single span of 152 feet, the bridge connects Washington County 59 and Rensselaer County Road 103. It crosses the Hoosick River between the two counties. Directions: Take Washington County Route 103 from State Route 67 north to the bridge in Buskirk.

Rexleigh Covered Bridge c.1874

The Rexleigh Bridge is a Howe truss built in 1874, located just off of Route 22 on Rexleigh Road in the Town of Jackson-Salem, New York. With a single span of 107 feet of Howe truss, it crosses the Battenkill River. Directions: From Salem, take Route 22 South for 2 miles, turn left on Rexleigh Road, and follow this road for 1.5 miles to bridge.

Shushan Covered Bridge c.1858

The Sushan Covered Bridge, once open as a traffic bridge across the Battenkill River, now houses an old farm equipment museum and is known as the Shushan Bridge Museum. Built in 1858, this 160 foot long Town Lattice style bridge is now a one room school house open to the public. Find collections of period machinery, farm implements, photographs, maps, and memorabilia.  Open weekends and Holidays (Memorial Day – July 4th Weekend), Wednesdays through Sundays (July 4th – Labor Day), and weekends and Holidays (after Labor Day – Columbus Day Weekend). Located on County Route 61 in Shushan, New York. For more information, call (518) 854-7220 or visit:

Eagleville Covered Bridge c.1858

The Eagleville Bridge, built in 1858, crosses the Battenkill River and is located west of Route 313 on Eagleville Road in the Town of Jackson-Salem. It is a 100 foot long Town Lattice Truss Bridge single span. Directions: From Cambridge at the intersection of Route 22 and Route 313, take 313 toward Vermont for 6 miles and turn left onto Eagleville Road to the bridge; or travel east on County Rout 61 through the hamlet of Shushan and turn right on Eagleville Road to the bridge.