Let’s Take A Ride: Around Lake George

Follow the Greater Lake George Guide Area Map for this get-acquainted ride, which can take all of a full day or more, or do only as much as time allows. Head south from Lake George Village on Route 9. About 1/2 mile east past Magic Forest on the left is Bloody Pond where in 1755 over 300 lives were lost during the Battle of Lake George. Further on a monument marks the ravine where Colonel Ephraim Williams was killed in the march against Dieskau. A marker on the opposite side of the road cites the grave of Williams.

Now turn left (east) onto Route 149 and head for the village of Fort Ann, about 15 minutes away. Proceed left (north) on Route 4 which parallels the Champlain Barge Canal- a 63 mile water transportation system of 12 locks that meanders through 3 counties. For a view of the operation, stop at Lock 11 to see if a tanker or pleasure boat might be passing through.

Continue to Whitehall, birthplace of the US Navy and home of the Skenesborough Museum. Head north on Route 22 to Fort Ticonderoga – the magnificently restored great stone fortress and the site of the first overt action in the American Revolution. Just less than a mile away is Fort Mount Hope, the only originally American-built fort in the Champlain Valley and one which guarded the most important mile of land in America in colonial days.

Should you want to further enhance your ride, continue north to Crown Point State Historic site- carefully preserved ruins of the largest fortress built by the English in North America.

Now catch Route 9N south to Rogers Rock, a steep-rocky cliff down to Lake George where Major Robert Rogers, realizing pursuit by a band of French and Indians in 1758, put his snowshoes on backwards and then backtracked for some distance before descending by a branch into a ravine and then to the lake. Assuming he slid down the rock face, a miraculous feat, the chase was discontinued.

This paragraph is for those who wish to travel west from Hague. Turn right onto Route 8 climbing Graphite (Hague) Mountain and the Fenimore Cooper trail which passes some old graphite mines which are located in the beautiful Joseph Dixon Memorial Forest and then through some lovely countryside and mountain peaks which are thousands of feet above sea level. Then into North Pond, Brant Lake, Horicon, and to I-87 (Exit 25) for your return south to Lake George.

South on 9N to the Silver Bay Association which welcomes tourists to view the lake. Further south is a lookout at Sabbath Day Point which offers a breathtaking view of Lake George.

Still south on 9N, make your way up and over to Tongue Mountain where there is a lookout with a splendid panorama of Lake George. On the way to Bolton is a magnificent view of Northwest Bay on Lake George. Bolton Landing has some very fine beaches and picnic areas as well as being the oldest of the lake towns with more than one-half of Lake George’s shoreline within its boundaries. Diamond Point is next until your arrival to Lake George. Some Ride!