Fishing Article

by Jeff Goldberg (Fishing Tackle Superstore)

Throughout the year, bountiful fishing opportunities are available to those sportsmen among us who love to experience the beautiful brooks, streams, rivers and lakes of the Adirondacks & especially the Lake George basin. With that in mind, we must understand we have something to cherish and protect.  During the past few years there is an organization that has created a mission statement, and lives by it. That mission statement states the following:

“The Lake George Fishing Alliance is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Lake George Fisheries.”

The organization is always looking for new members with fresh ideas and energy. The LGFA has regular meetings with discussions on how to best protect and improve what we have. For more info or to become a member stop by one of the Sport Shops while you are in town for a brochure or go to their website:

With the cooperation of the NYS DEC, the group was instrumental in increasing the smelt population in the lake by laying egg mats in other bodies of water to gather the eggs and then planting them in Lake George. As of now, we know we had a good smelt run during this spring. The smelt population appears to be back and we are hoping the salmon will follow sometime soon. This is one of the best Lake trout fishiers in the country with success during every season of the year. In the spring during the smelt run fishing from docks near almost any stream entering the lake is an opportunity to catch a beautiful “Lake.” As the spring turns to summer, getting into the boat and absorbing the scenery of one of  the most beautiful places I know of is often just as much fun as the fishing itself.

Fishing below the surface while trolling using Leadcore line, copper line or a downrigger allows for good action. The fish migrate deeper as the summer goes on. By late August, when they reach the deepest parts of the lake at 150′ to 200′ on the bottom, the use of downriggers is the most effective way to catch them. Next come the fall, the fish start coming back up as the water starts to cool. The fall fishing can only be eclipsed by the fall foliage which is second to none. The fishing does slow down in late October and November during the spawn. At that time of the year it does get cold and windy and a bit less appealing to be on the water. This time of year allows the fish to recover from the spring and summer pressure and gets us ready for my favorite time to fish for Lake trout… Winter.

Ice fishing is one the fastest growing types of fishing.  Participation is at an all time high; and with the equipment available it does not need to be uncomfortable. The lake takes on a unique type of beauty during this time of year that is hard to describe.  If you have the chance, the time will have been worth the trip.

Let us never forget the Bass and panfish in Lake George. Having fished in many places for bass, Lake George, during the summer, has still got to be one of the best places for fast fun fishing action I have ever been. Being a clear deep lake, finding fish is usually not too hard. Fish the rock piles near buoys and near docks, and you will catch fish. The best time is June to late August using anything to get you down 15 to 35 feet. The action is great and the fish are feisty.

What more can I say? I Know:  go fishing, be careful, and most importantly… have fun!!!.

I’ll see you on the water.

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