Family Vacations in Lake George

For many decades now, Lake George has become synonymous with Family Vacations. It’s not just because of its easy to-get-to location or its proximity to 3 metropolitan cities (New York, Boston & Montreal), it’s because Lake George is a magical place where every member of your family, young or old, wants to keep coming back year after year. It’s true. Lake George, NY is not only a vacationland exploding with ultimate fun for all, to many its become a second home, if you will, a place of family & traditions. Whether it’s going to the same motel for 30-40 years, meeting up at the same nostalgic theme parks since you were a kid, or it’s finding new adventures, attractions, shops & dining options each year… this mixture of old and new is what keeps families returning each year; and why Lake George, New York is the #1 vacation spot for kids, parents, and grandparents!

Throughout all these years, 45 years in fact, the Lake George Guide’s goal has always been to provide the best information possible while you’re here on your Lake George family vacation. It’s been our tradition of keeping the guide’s 1960s cover design, giving regular readers that nostalgic feeling. While here, we encourage you to pick up a copy of The Guide (print magazine) and bring it along with you to your adventures & journeys. Use it to find family-friendly tourist attractions, Regional & Lake George Restaurants, sightseeing spots, and don’t forget the assortment of coupons for money savings, and the handy maps inside. Everything is laid out and indexed in an easy-to-find manner, making it simple for you to find what ever you need. While relaxing be the pool, read The Guide cover to cover. It’s absolutely chock full of articles, stories, features on area businesses & museums, as well as all kinds of interesting fact on the Lake George Region. For those who prefer to stay digital, we welcome you to use this online version, which is also mobile-optimized for your smartphone.

Have fun making Lake George memories!

2012 Lake George Guide below: