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Real Estate 90’s Style

by Christopher Schuh (1996) Schuh Real Estate, Lake George The short lived trends of the 80’s, drastic appreciation coupled with wild speculation, has taken a more mild approach in the 90’s. After a drop in values in the late 80’s, including fallen interest rates, property values have begun to stabilize in the North Country. Astute … Read More

Stoneware Glaze

The coating of glass over stoneware clay is a ‘glaze’. Glazes are composed of materials that melt to form a glass at the maturation temperature of the clay, approximately 2300F. A glaze for stoneware could be as simple as a local streambed clay. In most cases, glazes are composed of numerous finely powdered ingredients such … Read More

Bee Stings

The Health Center at Northcare (1996) Most of us have received a sting from a member of the bee family at some point in our lives. In the vast majority of cases, this results in immediate pain, burning, and stinging sensations. In the unfortunate person, who is truly allergic, the reaction can be more severe. … Read More

Vintage Articles

For the past 43 years, many professional, experienced and talented advertisers of the Lake George Guide were kind enough to write about their craft or what they were most knowledgeable and noted for in the Lake George Region. The following include a variety of their articles that were published in past issues. Although many of … Read More

The Adirondacks on Two Wheels

Marc Connelly Adirondacks And Beyond Motorcyle Rider Training Combine 6,000,000 acres of mountains and lakes with thousands of miles of uncrowded, windy twisty roads.  Add in numerous quaint towns and an endless supply of friendly people, and you have a motorcyclists playground called the Adirondack State Park. It can be quite a task for riders … Read More

The Award Winning Gilded Age Tour

By Donna Pohl Raquette Lake Navigation It’s fascinating to visit a place where history has happened, and the rapid growth of Cultural Heritage Tourism is testament to that. New York’s Adirondack region has a distinctively rich history, and there are countless stories to tell about the people who lived, worked and played in this six … Read More