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Fishing Article

by Jeff Goldberg (Fishing Tackle Superstore) Throughout the year, bountiful fishing opportunities are available to those sportsmen among us who love to experience the beautiful brooks, streams, rivers and lakes of the Adirondacks & especially the Lake George basin. With that in mind, we must understand we have something to cherish and protect.  During the … Read More

Fishing Lake George Article

by Captain Justin S. Mahoney Highliner Charter Fishing Family fun, adventure, and a lifetime of memories. Lake George and the surrounding towns and villages within the Adirondack Park, provide all this on a daily basis. But what really lures vacationers to this region is the cool, deep, clear waters of Lake George. It’s out on … Read More

Keep Fishing Great! Use Certified Bait

by Jeff Goldberg There have been many changes to the sport of fishing.  The main one has been in the use and handling of bait fish. New permanent regulations, for New York State, went into effect in June of 2008.  The reason for the new regulations is to try to protect our waters from … Read More

A Truly Special Day on Lake George

by Captain Joe Greco Justy-Joe Charters As a fishing-charter skipper on beautiful Lake George for eighteen years, I have been in the company of hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. While some trips are certainly more enjoyable and memorable than others, I had a charter a few summers ago that turned out to … Read More

Take A Kid Fishing

by Captain Joe Greco Justy-Joe Charters As adults, looking back, some of our fondest childhood memories involve going fishing with a friend or a relative. Fishing remains a terrific platform to connect with a youngster. In our fast-paced world, distractions such as cell phones, computers and television are part of every child’s daily routine. Fishing … Read More

The Ladies Love to Fish!

by Captain Joe Greco Justy-Joe Charters As an avid angler and professional charter fishing captain for over fifteen years, one observation that continues to excite the heck out of me is the increase in female anglers that we have seen in recent years. While I haven’t seen any really recent statistical data on this subject, … Read More

Invasive Species

by Jeff Goldberg Many things have been happening since I wrote the article about the new bait regulations, and how it is now the law that licensed bait stores have to sell certified disease free bait. We are now concerned about other invasive species such as the Spiny and Fishhook Waterflea. These little bugs are … Read More

Lake George Fishing

by Captain Justin Mahoney Highliner Charter Fishing The Lake George trout and salmon season is in full swing now. The month of May will have much cooler waters than June, and that means we’ll see changes ahead on the fishing front. In May, the water temperatures are still quite cool and the trout and salmon … Read More