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Saratoga Mineral Baths

Is a long soak in a hot bubble bath high on your list of ways to unwind? Unless you are a narrow-minded “ shower person” (and therefore beyond help), you may enjoy the slow trip into reverie-land of the Saratoga spas in Upstate New York. These mineral baths offer customers a pleasant respite and an … Read More

Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC)

Nestled within the heavily wooded 2,000 -acre Spa State Park, this partly enclosed amphitheater has a seating capacity of 5,100 for undercover and more than 10,000 on the surrounding lawns. The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (also known as SPAC) is the “summer home” of the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Audiences thrill … Read More

Bored? Ready to Climb Walls?

RockSport Whether you are looking for adventure, spending a rain day, looking for an unusual gift, or want to throw a unique birthday party, RockSport has the answer. Indoors, RockSport offers 4,000 square feet of gentle challenges, intermediate terrain, as well as fierce technical problems for the expert. Families, groups, clubs, teams, as well as … Read More

Laughter on the Lake

by Vinnie Mark The Udder Comedy Club Everyone needs a good laugh, and that was evident in the early 1980s.   That was when comedy clubs started opening in every major city and small towns across the country. Soon after, there were television shows featuring stand-up comedy and allowing unknown comics to display their talents. … Read More


Jodi Weiner The Udder Comedy Club “Let Me Put You in the Moooooooood!!! I moved to the Lake George area from Long Island. To an area where the hicks would say I am a hick. So I am hickier than a hick. People say things to me like, “oh wait until the winter.” Its sort … Read More

Over 40 and Still Laughing

by Jodi Weiner The Udder Comedy Club When thinking back as a child and someone told me they were over 40 years old, I would think, wow, now that’s Old!!!!!!! Now I am there and still can’t believe that I have lived over 40 years!!!  I am almost a half century old…but so much comes … Read More

Charles R. Wood Theater

The Charles R. Wood Theater is located on Glen Street in the heart of downtown Glens Falls. The former Woolworth Store was extensively renovated and is now a 30,000 square foot community facility. The facility includes a 300-seat theater, state-of-the-art lighting and sound packages that is suited for theater, dance, music, film and presentations; a … Read More

Crandall Public Library

The Crandall Public Library has operated continuously since 1893. The library district encompasses the towns of Queensbury, Moreau and the City of Glens Falls. In 1958, Crandall Public Library became the Central Reference Library of the Southern Adirondack Library System. New York State provides special funding for Crandall Public Library to serve the residents of … Read More

House of Frankenstein Wax Museum

House of Frankenstein Wax Museum is Lake George’s first wax museum and first haunted attraction. Since the early seventies, tourists have had their picture taken with the green faced monster before entering the dark recesses of the museum. House of Frankenstein offers a fun family time for those who like a “little chill” on a … Read More

Garnet Mine Tours & Gore Mtn. Mineral Shop

Treasure hunting at one of the most beautiful garnet mines… where the largest garnet crystals in the world are found. This garnet is treasured by gemologists, is used as an industrial abrasive, has been designated as the Empire State gemstone, and is popular as a January birthstone. Besides garnet jewelry, great toys and gifts, the … Read More